Saturday Miscellany Vol. 1


            The tendency of the scientific community to label the blatantly obvious has never impressed me.  At the eye doctor’s office this week I noticed a poster: quite obviously a lateral view of the human eye.  And what title floated directly above the picture in thick black Helvetica?  What else but “A LATERAL SECTION OF THE HUMAN EYE”.  Scientists are some of the smartest people in the world.  You would think they’d know an eye when they see one.


            I recently stumbled upon this piece of 3rd Reich propaganda, suggesting that Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, apostolic nuncio to Germany and future Pope Pius XII was a friend to French Jewish Communists.  A Jewish Communist who happened to be French was about the worst thing you could be in pre-war Germany.  Pope Pius, sometimes pejoratively referred to as “Hitler’s Pope”, is often accused of being a friend to the Nazi’s, even aiding them in their attempt to slaughter the world’s Jews.  If so, the National Socialists certainly took great pains to hide this fact.


            You know something is very wrong in the universe when the Katy Perry movie is better than the Pixar movie.  More on this next week.


            I discovered this gorgeous picture of four peafowl (our patron fauna) entitled “So Many Peacocks” by Carol Cavalaris.  It’s been occupying my desktop for some days.  I love birds in general (above and beyond all other animals), and particularly birds of prey.  However there’s something special about peafowl, not only because they’re symmetrical, Technicolor masterpieces, but also because of their close relation to Biblical symbolism and religious mysticism.  In the middle ages, their ability to transform from drab, boring little birds to magnificent, radiant beings was seen as an allegory to the transfiguration.  And it’s hard to forget those eerie, apocalyptic images of animals covered in eyes found in the book of Revelation when beholding those tails.  Flannery O’Connor also found them to be glorious creatures, tending to the ones that lived on her farm Andalusia when she wasn’t writing.


            The Nostalgia Critic this week covered the top eleven film themes.  He runs through the standard greats (at least in the vein of 80s and 90s ‘nostalgia’).  He mentions Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond, Indiana Jones, and The Lord of the Rings and then curiously places Back to the Future in the number one spot.  Hmm.  Back to the Future?  I don’t think so.  Why not The Godfather?  That’s nostalgic (the third movie came out in 1990).  Regardless, I don’t agree at all with his selection.  Of course my personal favorite theme is the Empire’s Theme from The Empire Strikes Back.  Not that we have to agree, but come on Critic! Back to the Future?  Unfortunate.

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