Saturday Miscellany Vol. 2


Oprah Winfrey is, once again, right up at the top of the Forbes’ Top Celebrities list.  I’m so tired of this woman and all her superficial nonsense.  Only in America can a woman this lacking in anything close to an interesting personality become so successful.  Either Oprah is one of the world’s greatest con-artists, or she is as vapid and full of it as she seems.  Either way, it’s time for this woman to call it a day and give up her poisonous New Age “love the inner goddess” shtick.


I stumbled upon an EWTN show yesterday called “The Chaplet of Divine Mercy For Kids”.  I am terribly afraid that gaudy children’s shows are not restricted to the WASPs.  “The Chaplet” features a manila colored Sister Faustina teaching the Chaplet to a multi-colored (and by that I mean multi-racial) children.  Jesus speaks with a gratuitous British accent similar to those of Disney’s hyper-flop The Black Caldron.  I think children would be utterly put-off by such horrors: a glowing, jingling, light-up Jesus.  I’d sooner stare at an icon of Santa Claus.  Oh well.  There’s room for camp in any religion.

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