Tautology of Atheism (Qs 16-20 Answered)

scare-hell16 – We know that we feel physical feelings through electrical impulses that send information to our brains through our nervous system. Once we die, we no longer feel pain due to the lack of a physical nervous system and, oh yeah, a brain. How could we ‘feel’ the excruciating flames of hell for eternity? Does God make you feel this torment for all eternity out of pure malice because you wouldn’t worship him?

Come on!  Are we serious?  Everyone knows the images of fire and brimstone are just metaphors for the horrible anguish of the damned.  Perhaps a more literal example of this from the Scriptures is the oft mentioned “weeping and gnashing of teeth”.  Of course, at the judgment, souls will be united with their resurrected bodies, and presumably the pains of Hell and the glory of Heaven will be felt in the body as well.  And God doesn’t make you feel the torment.  The fires of Hell are lit up by the damned soul’s own hatred for God and humanity.

TowerOfBabel17 – If God is perfect and his creations perfect, why did he fail several times? He had to impose suffering upon the human race because Adam and Eve defied him by eating of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Failed! He had to flood the planet 1,600 years later wiping out all but eight humans. Failure! He had to confuse human language after Nimrod and the Tower of Babel incident so that they could not effectively communicate with each other. Failure! How is this a track record of a perfect being?

How is it God’s fault that Adam and Eve disobeyed?  Sounds like blaming the parents for the offspring’s crime.

As for the flooding of the planet, I said before that the flood story is best understood as a prefiguring of Baptism, which washes away the Original Sin.  So we see the passion and evil of human nature, and all that entails, is washed out, and the higher passions are saved by water.

The story of Babel is best understood as the antithesis to Pentecost, where man is unified again under one language.  Through sin, man was scattered and divided.  With the descent of the Holy Spirit, men are reunited.

18 – If God is omnipotent, why does he not just show himself to all of us, all at once, thereby ending this game of free will and temptation?

19210735881299414_sjYUgKHM_cThe mystery of God is not something all can experience in this life.  God is not some crude, grandiose sky deity like Ahura Mazda or Zeus or the flying spaghetti monster.  He is essence, pure action, and being itself (I AM who I AM).  To the Jews he revealed himself as YHWH, the God with no name, who hides himself in fire and smoke.  St. Anselm called God, “That than which nothing higher can be thought”.  God is not just some higher reality to be understood, but reality itself which no one can completely understand.  God allows only those whom he has chosen to experience Him.  When he does, the rush of his grace is often painful, bizarre, and disturbing – transforming the soul into the image and likeness of God.  No one can experience his majesty but by God’s own election.  So all should think on this before we start demanding God to show himself to us.  “God is not a respecter of persons”.  He does not bow to our whims, nor is he controlled by our caprice.  Even IF God showed himself to every man in the world, this would neither end free will, nor stop evil or disbelief.  Let us remember Satan, the Highest Angel of Heaven, who reflected God’s majesty as the moon reflects the light of the sun, even he rejected God and hated his glory.  The power of the mind to blind itself to the truth is greater than one would think.

Fallen_Angel__Tell_me_why_by_nell_fallcard19 – If, in the beginning, there was only God and he created everything, why would he create angels that had the propensity to defy him? This very fallacy led to Lucifer challenging his authority because he desired to share the same power as God. This led to the rise, or fall depending on how you look at it, of Satan, the most notorious enemy of God and his followers. Failed, again!

Since God is perfect he cannot create anything imperfect in and of itself.  Angels are intelligent beings.  Intelligent beings without the capacity to use this intelligence would be imperfect.  Therefore God had to create Angels with free will.  Of course, if the choice is given either to do good or evil, there is always the possibility that one will choose evil.  Such is the nature of free will.  Thus it is not God’s fault that the Angels fell.  They failed.  Not God.

20 – Why would you trust ‘God’s plan’ given his track record of many failures?

See #s 17 and 19.

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