7 Quick Takes Friday (Czar Nicholas II, the Olympics, and Pulp Fiction)

— 1 —

A beautiful rendition of the Great Litany of St. John Chrysostom in Ukrainian.

— 2 —

Saw The Wolf of Wall Street this week.  Well . . . it’s not the worst of the Best Picture nominees.  It’s far superior to its closest living relative this year American Hustle.  It’s also not as explicit as all the reviews are making it out to be.  At times it’s sad and disgusting, at others it devolves into hilarious slapstick capers which make up the best parts of the movie.  Still, it’s far from great, and I think we all should expect more from Martin Scorsese.  Good riddance 2013.

— 3 —

pu-ic-ma026-E8EAEEEDE0-01I’ve recently becomes fascinated with Czar Nicholas II, or more properly His Imperial Majesty the right-believing Czar St. Nicholas II Alexandrovich Romanov the Passion-Bearer.  Here is a man whose good name has been besmirched by his enemies both Soviet and democratic alike, called invariably incompetent or ruthless.  He was of course neither.  Indeed, if he had a flaw as a ruler it was that he always tried to see the good in people even as they slandered him and subverted his rule. He was a devout and God-fearing family man who embodied St. Paul’s commandment to love his wife as Christ loved the Church.  He was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad and the Russian Orthodox Church in 1981 and 2000 respectively.  The MadMonarchist wrote a lovely series of posts on St. Nicholas and his family here.  Pray for the conversion of Russia my brethren.

— 4 —

179281522And speaking of Russia . . .

Here comes the Olympics: everyone’s favorite passive-agressive globalist escapade where various countries that hate each others guts get to pretend for a few weeks that they like each other.  Meanwhile Putin the Usurper is still allowed to occupy the throne of Orthodox Russia.  Again, my brethren, pray for the conversion of Russia.

— 5 —

MV5BMjE0ODk2NjczOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNDQ0NDg4._V1_SY475_SX334_One of my favorite movie pass times is re-watching one of my favorite movies with someone who’s never seen it before.  This past week I showed Pulp Fiction to a dear friend of mine who has strangely managed to avoid it.  It is always fun to watch a movie vicariously through someone else.  It recaptures, artificially of course, the wonder of seeing a great film for the first time.  Pulp Fiction is a roller-coaster of a movie.  I remember the first time I saw it I sat agape for almost the whole 154 minutes.  I’d never seen anything like it before.  Nowadays one hardly notices how much this masterpiece, even twenty years later, influences the culture of cinema.  It is the air we breathe.  Growing up in the post-Pulp world, seeing it for the first time suddenly clues you in to all the references you’ve been missing.

— 6 —

Simplicity from The Way of a Pilgrim:

“By the grace of God I am a Christian man, by my actions a great sinner, and by
calling a homeless wanderer of the humblest birth who roams from place to place.  My worldly goods are a knapsack with some dried bread in it on my back, and in my breast pocket a Bible. And that is all . . .” (Anonymous, The Way of a Pilgrim)

— 7 —

Pinkie_Pie_and_Cheese_Sandwich_looking_at_each_other_angrily_S4E12Season 4 just keeps getting better and better.  I always adore the episodes featuring Pinkie Pie.  It is as if the writers put more effort into her episodes.  They always have the best songs (“The Smile Song” could hold its own among the best of Alan Menken – cuteness aside, the harmonies are brilliant), unique set-ups, and beautifully polished animation.  In last weeks episode, “Pinkie Pride”, Pinkie is sad because a new Earth pony has arrived in Ponyville to throw Rainbow Dash’s birthiversary party.  A competition ensues between the two ponies to see who is truly the best party-planning pony in Equestria.  All this is fine and dandy, but then we find out that the rival party-thrower is voiced by none other than “Weird Al” Yankovic himself!  Well-played Hasbro, well-played . . .

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