Quick Takes (St. Patrick and Daria Morgendorffer)

— 1 —

As I’m sure everyone West of the Dnieper river knows, this past Monday was the feast day of our Holy Father St. Patrick, Apostle and Enlightener of Ireland.  He has also posthumously become the the Lord of bad Trinitarian analogies, as this video from the LutheranSatire points out:

Honestly, the only Trinitarian analogy I’ve ever liked very much is the one St. Augustine used, which sought a parallel tot he Trinity within the human person.  He said that the mind (mens) was like God the Father, which through reflection comes to self-knowledge (notitia sui), the Son, and by greater self-knowledge comes to greater self-love (amor sui), the Spirit.  Who knows if this is anywhere near the mark, though it does not seem to divide the essence or confound the persons, and it makes sense that if humans are made in the image and likeness of God there would be some mark of the Trinity in their being.

— 2 —

And speaking of saints, this Wednesday was the feast of the Holy Martyr St. Daria.  Of course I should be thinking about the great love she must have had to be martyred for Christ, but all I can manage is this:


It does kind of look like a halo doesn’t it?

— 3 —

The-Lego-Movie-Character-Guide-570x294The Lego Movie is the most political movie I’ve seen in ages.  The writers of this fascinating animated satire seem to have some kind of anarchist/populist agenda.  I may even have to see is again to pick up on all the nuances I’m sure to have missed.  Add The Lego Movie to a growing list of children’s entertainment with really interesting political motives.  We’ve had four years of anarcho-monarchist joy from the writers of Friendship is Magic.  Maybe the revolution is finally near!  I have a feeling a number of posts about this gem are on the way.

— 4 —

Phelps_vert-4f9c607f59f4c2901340f508a0c75c330210ae1e-s6-c30My friends, another heretic has died.  This week, John Calvin’s reincarnation, Pastor Fred Phelps of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church, died.  The circumstances of his death are not currently known.  One is always torn in two when a miserable character like Phelps passes.  One is glad that much of their evil has been stopped in its tracks, but then again one never wants to rejoice in the death of another human being.  I had this same problem when Usama bin-Laden was executed and, though I can never get enough of Christopher Htichens’ infamous rant upon the death of Pastor Jerry Falwell, I must say joy is never something I want to feel when someone dies.  I wonder what the council fathers at Trent thought when they heard of Luther’s death.  Well, the days of burning heretics are over (for now at least), so I guess all we can do is pray for Phelps’ soul.  Kyrie Eleison, Hospodi Pomiluj.

— 5 —

Continuing with the theme of The Tree of Life this week, here’s one of my favorite videos on the subject.  Father Barron is usually spot-on with his pop-culture commentary.

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