Our salvation has been accomplished.

1st Stasis

In a grave they lay thee, O my Life and my Christ,
And the armies of the Angels were sore amazed
As they sang the praise of thy submissive love.

Thou hast enjoined thy commandments that we should keep them most diligently.

O my dear Christ Jesus, King and Ruler of all,
Why to them that dwelt in Hades didst thou descend?
Was it not to set the race of mortals free?

I will confess thee with uprightness of heart when I have heard the judgments of thy righteousness.

In a grave they lay thee, O my Life and my Christ,
Yet the Lord of Death hast thou by thy death destroyed
And the world of thee doth drink rich streams of Life.

In my heart have I had thy sayings, that I might not sin against thee.

O my sweet Lord Jesus, my salvation, my Light,
How art thou now by a grave and its darkness hid?
How unspeakable the mystery of thy love!

Make me to understand the way of thy statutes and I will ponder all your wondrous works.

Thou O Christ wast buried in a tomb newly made,
Thus renewing the whole nature of mortal men
By arising from the dead as God in Truth!

Before I was humbled I transgressed; therefore thy sayings have I kept.

“Who will give me water for the tears I must weep,”
So the maiden wept to God crying with loud lament,
“That for my sweet Jesus I may rightly mourn?”

Thou art good, O Lord, and in thy goodness teach me thy statutes.

Savior, thou wast hidden ‘neath the Earth like the Sun,
And wast covered as with shrouds by the night of Death.
But more radiantly do thou arise, O Lord!

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