Anarcho-Monarchist Resources


445295The slippery nature of a term like “anarchy” is lamentable.  For many, the term simply means chaos.  In political terms it is broad enough to include capitalists, communists, feminists, punks, queers (yes, this is a thing), and, of course, monarchists.  In many ways this is a bonus, since anarchism is not usually divided along the party line, but it is often unhelpful because one man’s anarchy is an international Jewish-Freemason Conspiracy to usher in the end of the world and rule by intergalactic lizard kings.  The one thing that seems to unite all anarchists is their dislike of coercion, control, and the State as an entity with rights and personhood.  In Greek, the term means, rather unhelpfully, “without rulers”.  For the purposes of the anarcho-monarchists, we like Tolkien’s pithy definition:  philosophically understood, meaning the abolition of control.  Very to the point.

Anarchist Whatnot:

David Bentley Hart’s article “Anarcho-Monarchism” on First Thingswhence Tolkien’s quote was lifted.

The Catholic Worker Movement, Dorothy Day’s and Peter Maurin’s brilliant collaboration, now celebrating eighty-one years in operation.

And also this series from the Mudblood Catholic, Gabriel Blanchard, entitled “Christianity and Anarchism“.

The unofficial website of Anarcho-Monarchism,


942900_541023569274828_884548524_nTolkien called history “the long defeat”, through which in only very limited circumstances we sometimes get glimpses of the final victory of Christ and his Kingdom (catch that?  Kingdom, not Republic).  As such I do not ever expect to see the restoration of Christendom or the Old World Order, but a girl can dream, right?  The only true thing our president ever said was, “I’m not a King”.  No he certainly is not, to the detriment of everyone.  You would be hard pressed to find a King who behaved as badly as today’s elected politicians.  But people, still under the notion that their vote counts, don’t seem to get this.  Say NO to the illusion of control.  God save the King!

Monarchist Inventory:

The Mad Monarchist

Also, this video from a delightful wing-nut called Charles Coulombe, popping holes in the standard American version of history:

Anything by the German-American political philosopher Hans-Hermann Hoppe


Occupy MordorFinally there is the so-called Catholic Third-way, distributism.  Many people look suspiciously at distributism as if it is either too communist or too capitalist, but it really shares very little in common with either.  It is also the only system which even comes close to having “Church approval”.  Many people are distributists but don’t know it.  If you believe in the inviolability of private property, you are half-way there.  If you reject the economic principle of scarcity, you’re even closer.  If you think people are the problem, not the population bubble, you can sign up for Occupy Mordor any time.

Distributist Distributions:

The Distributist Review

Overpopulation is a Myth, probably one of the worst out there.

Amateur Catholic nerds always have good things to say about everything, so here’s probably the most comprehensive summery of Anarcho-Monarchist Distributism online:

Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Rerum Novarum, whence many distributist ideals are drawn.



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  1. Gabriel says:

    Dude, you continue to rock, and thanks for the shout-out. May the intergalactic lizard kings descend with all speed.

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