Flannery’s Feast Day


MARY FLANNERY O’CONNOR (25 March 1925 – 03 August 1964)

Of old only the pagans celebrated birthdays.  Christians celebrated their true birthdays, the day of their death, the day a saint enters into the eternal Kingdom of God.  On this day some fifty years ago, one of America’s greatest writers reposed due to kidney failure, a complication arising from chronic lupus erythematosus.  Though, as things go in the Catholic Church, her cause for canonization has not as yet been opened, let us continue to pray for this great saint of the American Church.


O truly devout daughter of the Church
Who with thy pen proclaimed the Truth of Christ God,
That the blind might see and the deaf learn to hear,
O righteous Mary Flannery,
We humbly entreat thee to pray to Christ for the salvation of our souls.


Thou wert the light of the South, O righteous Flannery
And truly the teacher of those haunted by Christ,
For in honor of the Most Holy Trinity,
Thou didst bear thy cross most patiently for his glory
Pray for us, O orthodox doctor, that Christ may save our souls.

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