Kulturkampf: How Anarchy Solves All Our Problems

I’ve become increasingly dismayed by the increasingly absurd debates in the wider culture.  It seems whenever an interesting question poses itself, statists come rushing from all sides to turn the culture war into a circus freakshow.  The truth is that most of these “problems” would be solved or rendered irrelevant if the State were removed from the equation.

Case in point: the current hysteria over transgender “rights”.  Transgenderism is an interesting issue.  I’ve yet to really develop my position in any meaningful way.  Is it a mental disorder?  A disease?  A social construct?  All good questions, I think.  But in the age of the State, none of these questions can be asked because we’re distracted by The Bathroom Issue.  That’s right.  An ontological debate relating to man’s fundamental nature has become an argument about who can use whose bathrooms.


For those who don’t know, a controversy has erupted between trans people and their allies and those opposed to them over whether those who identify as the gender opposite their biological sex should be “allowed” to use their segregated restroom of choice.  The trannies cry “discrimination” and the Moral Minority cry “degeneracy” and “won’t someone think of the children” (a sort of non-Feminist form of rape fear-mongering).  Of course this debate would evanesce if neither side could call on the State to unilaterally enforce its preferences.

Without the government involved, private organizations would simply do whatever they want, and consumers would react accordingly.  While private property still exists  in theory, we see an albeit limited examples of this dynamic.  There is a very cute and very liberal SJW restaurant right across the street from the Basilica in Washington, D.C. called Busboys & Poets (get it?  Cuz Langston Hughes).  Like all restaurants they have a powder room.  A powder room.  Only one – for “all gender identities and expressions”.  Honestly, it is one of the cleanest and aesthetically beautiful public restrooms I’ve ever used.  Furthermore, the bathroom has no door separating it from the rest of the establishment (it has individual stalls of course), thereby reducing the Creepy Old Stephaknee trying to get jiggy with your six-year-old factor.  They have managed to solve the problem in a way which makes no one uncomfortable.


However, if I were inclined to be morally outraged by this decision, I could drive a few miles to Hateful and Oppresive™ Chick-fil-e where this is likely not to be the case.  And those who despise Chick-fil-e’s commitment to traditional sexual ethics could continue to deny themselves for the cause and chow down at Busboy’s and poets.  But the concept of freedom of choice and association doesn’t exist in the mind of the Statist.  The government must be involved to prevent men from using women’s restrooms, or alternatively to make sure no gender identity is forced temporarily to “misgender” itself.  There is no concept of “if you don’t like it, don’t buy it”.  EVERYONE must be forced to submit to the preferences of the prevailing side.

The same is true of the same-sex marriage debate.  If the government weren’t involved in issuing marriage licenses (because to enter into a contract with someone in this country you have to ask permission), the debate would be dead in the water.  The gays would continue to “marry” and those of us who believe in real marriage would continue to point out this flagrant immorality, and time would tell whose definition works better.


Not even life-and-death issues like abortion are exempt from this paradigm.  A society which murders its most innocent and impoverished cannot possibly survive unless propped up by the violence and nearly infinite financial resources of the Nation-State.  You see, because the free market weeds out all bad choices, not just bad economics.  But with the State there is no room for improvement, experimentation, or adaptation.  There are only unilateral policies enforced on everyone through coercion and the threat of death.

Consider the internet, invented by the government during Cold War.  The government sat on it for nearly fifty years completely unaware of its potential, not having the imagination to see it as anything more than a tool for fighting its enemies.  And just look how it has grown in the hands of free people since it was privatized.  Imagine how much further along we’d be if it had been privatized in 1965 instead of 1995.  Tragic.  The government can’t admit any wrongdoing on its part, so we are stuck with nigh unchangeable policies.  There is no concept of trial and error.  Because the State knows best.  It knows better than you, the individual person, how to protect you from threats, what you should put in your body, how you should dress, and which lavatory you should use.


Maybe the Busboys & Poets solution doesn’t work.  Maybe it will only lead to the further degradation of society.  Maybe it will put women and children at risk.  But with current legislation segregating bathrooms, or future legislation prohibiting such segregation, we’ll never know.  If we were free, we’d know soon enough.  If Busboys and establishments of similar ideologies suddenly saw an increase in sexual assaults on their premises, something tells me they would either change course or be naturally selected for extinction.  But there is little hope of this.  What instead will happen is we’ll be given a one-size-fits-all solution which makes everyone unhappy and puts everyone at risk.  Tell me again how government keeps us safe and orders society.

Freedom is order.  Anarchy is peace.  Government is chaos and violence – a death cult for the New Age.

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