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Top Ten “Lord of the Rings” Musical Moments

Adding more weight to the tons of excellence that is The Lord of the Rings film trilogy is Howard Shore’s award-winning score, almost a separate entity in itself in its scope and grandeur.  The collective soundtracks of all three films could … Continue reading

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The Radical Politics of My Little Pony

When you tell someone you’re an anarcho-monarchist, people usually look at you like you’re totally nuts (or being deliberately defiant).  And indeed this frustration is understandable.  What two political systems could be more opposed than anarchism, the lack of government, … Continue reading

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Rediscovering the Fairy-Tale: Snow White and the Huntsman

Prompted by my recent encounter with Maleficent I decided I’d turn my visage backward a few years to the other much-maligned fairy-tale reimagining Snow White and the Huntsman.  All I can say is it far surpassed my expectations.  While Maleficent got the … Continue reading

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Maleficent 2014: Wicked is as Wicked Does

One of the first movies I reviewed on this website was Tim Burton’s live-action re-make of Alice in Wonderland, more or less the first in a lengthening line of live-action re-makes of Disney’s animated classics.  My overall reaction to that unfortunate … Continue reading

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Reconsidering ‘Temple of Doom’

I recently had the pleasure of re-watching the Indiana Jones series recently.  It’s been years since I’ve seen them all in continuity.  Raiders of the Lost Ark still stands out as the best of the films, perhaps to be mentioned among … Continue reading

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