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HYPNAGOGIA is Complete! Watch it here.

written + directed by Cole Webb Harter featuring Katy Killion, Gabriela Tatone, Emily Reese Castro, McKenna Jones, Grace O’Brien, Nadia Sine, and Brianna Hughes. HYPNAGOGIA Advertisements

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A Convert on the Catholic Ethos

I was not raised in the faith.  Neither in the Western tradition nor in the Byzantine tradition which I now follow primarily.  Sometimes I thank God for this.  Considering the abysmal state of catechesis and religious education in the modern … Continue reading

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Clean Living for Clean Monday

Today is Clean Monday, according to the new calendar, the start of Lent for Byzantine Christians both Catholic and Orthodox.  The West, of course, catches up this coming Wednesday with the distribution of ashes.  On this Clean Monday I am … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes Friday (My Icon Corner)

  A common fixture of the Eastern Christian home is the Icon Corner: a space, either a literal corner or a wall, used for daily prayer and meditation, usually adorned like a Church with numerous icons important to the persons … Continue reading

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