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The Sign of the Cross – The Byzantine Catechism 3


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I’d Rather be an Atheist

An increasingly tiresome argument against religion is that the only reason people believe in God or choose to be religious is that it makes them feel better.  It’s a subset of the “religion is just blind faith without evidence” argument, … Continue reading

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Know Your Enemy: God’s Not Dead’s Other Failure

The second-biggest problem with the recent film God’s Not Dead, just behind its devotion to errant Western philosophy, is its inability to accurately depict the beliefs and behaviors of most modern “New Atheists”, the film’s primary target in evangelization.  God’s Not … Continue reading

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Seven Days in Utopia

AND ON THE SEVENTH DAY GOD PLAYED GOLF If God cares who wins the Texas Open, he didn’t put it in the Bible.  However, the creators of Seven Days in Utopia might beg to differ.  To start off, this is … Continue reading

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