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Kulturkampf: How Anarchy Solves All Our Problems

I’ve become increasingly dismayed by the increasingly absurd debates in the wider culture.  It seems whenever an interesting question poses itself, statists come rushing from all sides to turn the culture war into a circus freakshow.  The truth is that … Continue reading

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Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner

We should always love the sinner and hate the sin . . . Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We’ve all heard it.  Over the past decade we’ve heard this trite little phrase uttered ad nauseam.  Of all the simplistic Christian clichés, “love … Continue reading

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Know Your Enemy: God’s Not Dead’s Other Failure

The second-biggest problem with the recent film God’s Not Dead, just behind its devotion to errant Western philosophy, is its inability to accurately depict the beliefs and behaviors of most modern “New Atheists”, the film’s primary target in evangelization.  God’s Not … Continue reading

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Sergeant St. Howie, Pray for Us!

I don’t exactly remember when 1973’s The Wicker Man first entered my sphere of consciousness.  My guess is that I first heard about it around the time I first encountered the great Sir Christopher Lee in his role as the over-the-top … Continue reading

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