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Get Excited About Economics

I did not become interested in economics until I was well-immersed in the liberty movement.  I suppose even now my understanding of economics comes second to my political and philosophical opinions.  If I had been more eager in my study … Continue reading

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Removing the Scales: My Journey to Anarchism

While all my friends and acquaintances are lighting themselves on fire and bewailing the current political climate of our nation, I remain peaceful and serene in the knowledge that I am a free human person, created in the image and … Continue reading

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Grandpa Vanderhof Says . . .

I recently joined a lovely group of online liberty-minded folks called Liberty.me.  THE ANDALUSIAN PEAFOWL is about Catholicism and pop-culture, thus I don’t get to rant and rave about my radical political ideologies, unless they somehow intersect with Catholicism and … Continue reading

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