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What is Catholicism? The Byzantine Catechism 1

What is Catholicism and what makes it special. Cole Webb Harter explains in The Byzantine Catechism. Continue reading

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I’d Rather be an Atheist

An increasingly tiresome argument against religion is that the only reason people believe in God or choose to be religious is that it makes them feel better.  It’s a subset of the “religion is just blind faith without evidence” argument, … Continue reading

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Son of God: the Good, the Bad, and the Kitschy

The recent film Son of God, based on the wildly popular series The Bible (creative, huh?), has not been at the top of my list of movies to see in 2014.  Everything about its extensive advertisements made me cringe.  But, I watch … Continue reading

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The Passion of the Christ [Film Fundamental #2]

Most motion pictures dealing with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ are rather tame, family-oriented Sunday school movies that deal only thematically with the torture and death of the Lord.  There isn’t a lot of blood and often the characters speak … Continue reading

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