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Artists Who Changed My Life

I’m sure all artist types – be they brooding, tortured, or (like me) grouchy – have a few of these.  There are some artists whose work you don’t just admire or enjoy, but actually changed the way you view the … Continue reading

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Gaga the Gnostic

Most obvious to the outsider in any of Lady Gaga’s music is her use of hypersexuality.  In terms of what can be sung about over the radio or shown in a music video, Lady Gaga has always been transgressive, pushing … Continue reading

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The Perfect 21st-Century Album

It’s been some time since I’ve written about Lady Gaga.  Three years ago she was practically ubiquitous in American pop-culture, but a hip injury and a sub-par album have taken her out of the iris of the public spotlight – … Continue reading

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Quick Takes Friday (Blade Runner, Lady Gaga, Annunciation)

— 1 — I started reading Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? this week.  His short novel is famously the basis for Ridley Scott’s science fiction masterpiece Blade Runner.  The 2007 “Final Cut” of Blade Runner is absolutely one of … Continue reading

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The Fresco of Lady Gaga

The last three years have been a wild ride for young Stefani Germanotta.  In 2008, the small Italian girl from Manhattan released her debut album The Fame, for which she reinvented herself.  She died her hair blonde, put on some … Continue reading

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